GDPR and what we are doing about it

Here at Smart People, we are dedicated to maintaining high standards of data protection and information security and have already been actively working to becoming fully compliant in advance of GDPR being enforced.

We will comply with all applicable GDPR regulations, whilst also working closely with our employees, clients, associates, suppliers and contractors to ensure we meet all contractual and legislative obligations for all processes, procedures and services.

Our GDPR project activity so far:

  • A full review, re-write and update of our policies and procedures to help ensure that data is handled appropriately and is GDPR compliant.
  • Review and assessment of all our data collection, use, transfer, disclosure, and disposal policies and procedures for compliance with the GDPR
  • Implementation of a new compliancy process.
  • Under the GDPR, data subjects will have the right to access, correct, erase, object to, or restrict processing of their personal data. In order to manage this correctly we have implemented new, and improved upon existing, policies and procedures, to help ensure that we respond appropriately to data subject requests. For more information please email:
  • Implementation of a data breach response procedure to help ensure that breaches are discovered, contained, and remediated, and that notice is provided to individuals and the appropriate authorities. 
  • Website updates to ensure it is fully GDPR compliant, including an updated Privacy Notices.
  • Revising, re-writing and embedding our Data Protection Policy and external privacy notices.
  • Communicating with all our employees, clients, suppliers, contractors and contacts regarding GDPR and ensuring that all contractual documentation is fully compliant.

Published 6/6/2018

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