ILM Level 4 Award in Management

  • Duration: 6 full days studying (1 day per fortnight)
  • Cost: £799 per delegate
  • Ref: SPILM4

Improve your team’s performance and boost your career prospects with a nationally recognised qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management.


Who is it for

This course is for managers or aspiring managers who are looking to enhance their management skills.

What is it about

It will enable you to assess your current management competence and increase your self-awareness of your preferred style. It will improve your ability to manage and lead and ensure your organisation’s plans become reality.

Course Overview

Module 1 – Welcome and Self Assessment

  • Introductions and getting to know one another
  • Understanding the programme and its style
  • About the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management)
  • Assessment requirements
  • What you can expect from us
  • How to gain the most from the programme
  • Self assessment of management competence (Margerison McCann Team Management Profile)

Module 2 – Understanding the Management Role

  • The purpose of organisations – missions/visions and values
  • How their structures work
  • Appreciating stakeholders and their differing objectives
  • Where Managers fit – Different levels and the challenges associated with each
  • Management versus leadership
  • Situational leadership and using different styles
  • What motivates people?
  • Action planning

Module 3 – Managing Communication

  • The importance of communication in the workplace
  • The benefits of good communication and drawbacks of poor
  • The communication cycle and recognising barriers to it
  • The need for knowledge management and information sharing
  • Different methods of communication and when they are appropriate
  • Recognising different types of communication and personal preference
  • Verbal communication – effective listening and questioning skills
  • Understanding body language and non verbal signals
  • The skills of leading group discussions (linked to assignment)
  • Feedback skills and practice
  • Overcoming barriers (post work?)

Module 4 – Research and Effective Time Management

  • The need for research in management (link to assignment) 
  • Using official and other sources to gather and analyse data
  • Identifying relevant content to support your conclusions 
  • How to evaluate the outcomes of the research 
  • The importance of managing your time 
  • How to prioritise and set SMART objectives
  • Practical ideas to plan to make best use of your time
  • Monitoring progress and achieving deadlines

Module 5 – Further Developing Your Personal Effectiveness

  • Keeping your goals in focus
  • Developing your assertiveness
  • Recognising aggression and passivity
  • Facing up to challenging situations
  • The benefits and downsides to delegation
  • Delegation v empowerment – what’s the difference?
  • Practical delegation techniques
  • Understanding the effects of personal stress
  • Recognising your stress signals/developing techniques to minimise
  • Personal action planning

Module 6 – Managing Under Performance

  • Review research for assignment progress
  • Understanding your role in performance management
  • Sharing your work challenges
  • Setting expectations
  • Getting people to recognise issues for themselves
  • ‘Nipping issues in the bud’
  • Working within the law
  • Getting to grips with the 3 essential steps
  • Practice handling realistic issues

All participants will need to complete a work based assignment details will be given as near to the start of the programme as possible.

Everyone will be given the opportunity to have a one to one coaching/tutorial session.

What will I get out of it

  • An enhanced set of practical skills that will improve your performance on a day-to-day basis.
  • A boost to your knowledge, skills and career prospects.
  • A nationally recognised qualification
  • Student membership of the ILM including: access to a wide range of online resources, events, and access to the library of management publications.

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The Basics

Duration: 6 full days studying (1 day per fortnight)

Cost: £799 per delegate



Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire


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“Brilliantly delivered, valuable experience full of practical relevant measures to take back to work to implement plus quality theory & discussion that gives a variety of perspectives - challenging but very rewarding - whatever level of management your involved in, regardless of your age, academic skills or industry this course will help you.”

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