ILM Level 5 Award/Certificate Leadership & Management

  • Duration: 6 days studying 1 day per fortnight
  • Cost: £899 + VAT per delegate
  • Ref: SPILM5

Develop your existing management and leadership skills and convert your workplace achievements into a recognised qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management.


Who is it for

Experienced managers who want to enhance their management and leadership skills.

What is it about

The Award in Leadership & Management is a concise qualification aimed at developing management skills and knowledge. It looks at organisational structure and function, the role and responsibility of the leader/manager and the effect of communication and interpersonal skills on managerial performance.


Course Overview

Induction & Understanding your Role as a Manager & Leader (1 day)

  •          Induction and what you can expect from the ILM programme
  •          Management versus leadership
  •          The role of the manager and leader including best practice behaviours
  •          Leadership styles and the practical application of them
  •          How to lead so that others follow
  •          Motivating self and others to perform and succeed
  •          Leading with credibility and integrity
  •          Building trust and influencing others
  •          Who are your stakeholders and what are their needs?
  •          How can you effectively meet your stakeholders needs


 Managing and Leading to Achieve Organisational Goals (1 day)

  •          The importance of communication in the workplace (top down/bottom up)
  •          Why business planning is so important
  •          How it works in your organisation
  •          Developing a strategic/action plan with your team
  •          Cascading and implementing the plan
  •          Staying on track and measuring progress – managing output vs input
  •          Keeping employees engaged
  •          The impact of leadership on achieving organisational success


Leading & Developing Teams &  Team Management Profile (1 day)

  •        To identify essential teamwork characteristics
  •        Identify the stages of team development
  •        Assessing the team in which you work
  •        Providing direction as a people manager
  •        Self-assessment using TMSDI’s Team Management Profile
  •        Understanding high performance and personal preferences at work
  •        Discovering how people approach work
  •        Exploring balanced teams and the characteristics of successful teams
  •        Recognising the value of different working styles
  •        Developing greater understanding of own work preferences
  •        Understanding what motivates you as an individual at work                    


Performance Management (1 day) 

  •          Understanding your role in performance management
  •          Improving and maintaining staff performance
  •          Identify reasons for poor performance
  •          Setting expectations
  •          Getting people to recognise issues for themselves
  •          Nipping issues in the bud
  •          Getting to grips with the three essential steps
  •          Addressing  poor performance issues consistently and fairly using Performance Improvement plans or ( specific tool/process/procedure)
  •          Skills practice handling ‘real’ issues.


Effective Communication & Coaching Skills (1 day)

  •          The importance of communication in the workplace
  •          The communication cycle and barriers to it
  •          Recap on your communication style using self-assessment (TMP)
  •          Understanding when coaching can best be used and how it benefits others
  •          Generating self-awareness and responsibility in others
  •          Key skills to becoming an effective coach
  •          Agreeing realistic goals
  •          Building rapport
  •          Developing powerful questioning skills
  •          Giving honest feedback when necessary
  •          Getting comfortable with the GROW model
  •          What's it like to be coached
  •          Skills practice


Thinking Innovatively (1 day)

  •          Recognising strategic thinking as a tool for business development/improvement
  •          Understanding the importance of creativity and innovation in business
  •          Characteristics of the innovative organisation
  •          Tools and techniques to encourage innovation
  •          5 steps to boost your personal creativity and innovation
  •          Communicating your ideas
  •          Becoming more Intrapreneurial within your business
  •          Action planning for moving forward.


ILM Tutorial /Review - Planning your future personal development ( 3 hrs)

  •          Keeping your goals in focus
  •          Review of your learning experience
  •          Your personal development plan
  •          How to ensure you move forwards and make progress
  •          ILM assignment support / tutorial
  •          Where next in terms of development


What will I get out of it

  • An enhanced set of practical skills that will improve your managerial performance.
  • A boost to your knowledge, skills and career prospects.
  • A nationally recognised qualification

ILM learners can gain free development support for six months which brings access to a wide range of online resources, news and information that have been specially selected to support management learning and development.

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The Basics

Duration: 6 days studying 1 day per fortnight

Cost: £899 + VAT per delegate



Dates available upon request:


Location: Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre, Halifax, West Yorkshire


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