MA in Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • Duration: 15-18 months
  • Cost: £4,500 or £7,000 depending on entry point
  • Ref: MEL0112

Enhance your strategic capability, develop your leadership knowledge and skills and take your business to the next level with this innovative Masters degree delivered by Edinburgh Napier University.


Who is it for?

Business owners, Directors and Senior managers who have responsibility for cost centres, departments or geographic regions within the private, public or third sectors.  Ideally participants must be in roles or positions where they can implement recommendations, monitor and review performance from a personal and organisational perspective.


What is it about?

This masters level programme focuses on entrepreneurial leadership, not business start up, but growing leaders to build the next generation of successful businesses (private, public and third sector), organisations led by entrepreneurial minds, managed by enterprising managers and operated by creative and innovative individuals all working towards a vision.


Course Content

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership

You will explore the role of entrepreneurial leadership through examples and case studies across a range of sectors.   Using a range of entrepreneurial and leadership scholarship you will develop your personal knowledge and skills to enhance your entrepreneurial leadership capability to manage change through embracing, creating, shaping it and doing so at speed.

  • Continuing Personal Development through Executive Coaching

You will work with a coach to establish personal objectives which will be progressed, reviewed and evaluated during the period of study.  A critical incident will be the basis for applying learning and through coaching provide a personal toolkit for on-going leadership and management.

  • Leadership Learning and Development

This is about you enabling you to assess your own leadership skills and prior learning in respect to carrying out organisational analysis.  It will develop your leadership knowledge and skills, enabling you to promote reflective management practice.

  • Creating & Sustaining Entrepreneurial Advantage

You will examine the concept of corporate entrepreneurship, looking at corporate venturing, intrapreneurship, brining the market inside and entrepreneurial transformation.  Using a variety of contemporary frameworks you will explore the entrepreneurial architecture of an organisation and how to evaluate this using a corporate audit as a benchmarking tool.

  • Management Practice Report

This report will be unique to each participant and agreed between student, organisation and academic tutor.  You will be required to critically review and be able to use management theories and research and scholarship to identify innovative and revised approaches to organisational practices.


How long will it take me to complete it?

Most students will take 15-18 months to complete.  Three trimesters of taught modules (1 year) and a further 3-6 months to complete the management practice report.  Those eligible for advanced entry through ILM or equivalent qualifications only need to study the final 100 credits reducing the fee to £4,500.


How will it be delivered?            

The programme is delivered on-line with each module having up to two face to face workshop  to enhance and support the student experience.  Attendance at the workshops is strongly recommended due to the interactive nature of the learning.  Learning with a mixed group of highly motivated individuals from a wide range of backgrounds enhances the learning experience.




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The Basics

Duration: 15-18 months

Cost: £4,500 or £7,000 depending on entry point

Ref: MEL0112


September 2012

Location: Halifax

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